OK, here's some basic info for stuff that might come up while you're looking at things here.
  • "Maxis Match" means it has the same smooth, slightly cartoonish style the game itself has. Most of the stuff I'm going to link to is Maxis Match.
  • You will also find "Alpha" custom content, which means it's done from scratch in a realistic style.
  • If you're new to installing this stuff: mods should go directly into your Mods folder, no subfolders. Custom content can go ONE LEVEL deep. That means you could have Mods\Clothes\[file] but not Mods\Clothes\Tshirts\[file].
  • A lot of content creators will use ad.fly links, which we all hate obviously!! Download an extension that helps you skip these (firefox one, chrome one).


Gameplay mods make changes to the actual game and how you play it.

MC Command Center allows you a massive amount of cheats and other controls, such as editing an existing sim in the CAS, skipping them ahead for promotions, the frequency of townie pregnancies, force starting or ending a pregnancy, etc.
Wicked Whims allows sexual animations and more control over who can have sex/woohoo. allows polyamory and multiple marriages.
Wicked Perversions adds on to wicked whims.
Cosmic Gender Ray this mixes up gender presentations of random (townie) sims.
No Glo improves the lighting in your game.
Waist/Hip Slider female sims only.
Enhanced Butt Slider all sims.
Stand Still in CAS
CAS Overhaul
All Beds Give Same Stats makes all beds have the same energy, comfort, and stress relief stats.
Already Upgraded makes it so all appliances are already upgraded.
Always MOO allows you to place items anywhere in build mode (there's a cheat for this, but this forces it on automatically).
TestingCheats Always On enables testingcheats, which means you can shift+click on your sim to reset them (if they get stuck) among other things.
UI Cheats makes it so you can activate cheats by clicking the UI, i.e., fix needs just by clicking the corresponding needs bar, auto-level skills by right-clicking on the skill bar, etc. (Patron link, but free download.)


I believe most stuff is here compatible with the base game, but make sure you double check!

Build/Buy Etc (i.e. mixed packs)
Vanilla skin by Luumiasims
SimLaughLove for hair/clothes Everything from Peacemaker-IC Rustic Romance Stuff
Skintones by Kijiko
WMS for recolors Lina-cherie for furniture Cottage Garden Stuff
Skintones by Ms Blue
Pickypikachu for clothes
CupidJuice items
Mid-Mod Birthday Set
Stuck On You skintones Pinkpxls for recolors
Everything from PictureAmoebae
Happy Apple Day Pack
Summer Skeletons (overlay)
Ridgeport for clothes
Lots of stuff from HamburgerCakes
All the Packs at StandardHeld
Bright blends skin overlay BustedPixels for hair/clothes

Face highlighters by litttlecakes Everything at NolanSims
3D Eyelashes by Kijiko

LunarEclipse Cocks
Zerbu's Extended CAS Presets

Noir's Pornstar Cocks
ObscurusSims for details

Female Body Details
Face Shine/Lips/Brows from DFJ

Azmodan22 StrapOns
Makeup/Skins from PralineSims

Everything from RemusSirion

Everything at Reticulates